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The 13 Warning Signs of a Bad Professor

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The 13 Warning Signs of a Bad Professor

  1. The professor is deadly boring.
  2. The professor is bummed out.
  3. The professor is condescending, combative, or full of him-or herself.
  4. The professor shows favoritism.
  5. The professor doesn’t give out a syllabus–or gives out a one-paragraph syllabus that is just the course description from the Web.
  6. The professor isn’t clear about the requirements and how much they count.
  7. The professor has incredibly petty rules.
  8. The professor can’t fill the whole class period.
  9. The professor seems unsure about the material.
  10. The professor presents the material in a confused or obscure way.
  11. The professor uses the class as a political platform.
  12. The professor never involves the students.
  13. The professor has no passion for the subject.

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SC 157 The 13 Warning Signs of a Bad Professor