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SC 160 How to be a Happier Professor
Part Two of “Getting Behind” – Prevention

How We Can Avoid – Getting Behind:

•  Don’t answer immediately to a request for a commitment to your time. Take a day and think it over.
•  Watch out for those committee members who will assign you some work if you are not at the meeting.
•  Politely reserve the rights to your time.
•  Divide up those big piles of work into bite sized tasks.
•  Don’t try to grade all of those papers in one night!
•  Are you the type of person who feels that you work better under pressure? Be careful.
•  Viewing your upcoming week, at all times, can help you gauge your workload.
•  Sit down, once a month to take a look at the month ahead, you’ll feel more in control.
•  As a last resort, you can call in sick for a day! This can provide a much needed stress relief.

How much work do I need to do to fulfill this obligation?
•  Sometimes the amount of work you put in (comments on papers) can overwealm the student.
•  Keep the amount of work that you give people, manageable.
•  Do good work, but do reasonable amounts of work as well.

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SC 160 How to be a Happier Professor