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Teaching Techniques for Today’s Students
SC 165 Teaching With Homework

Teaching With Homework

Ways we can improve teaching with homework.

  • Daniel asked his class: “Do you think differently because of your technology and social media? How do you manage your tasks?” Answer: “Our phones play a role in distracting us from concentrating on important tasks, like homework.”
  • Distraction, for our students, is the enemy of homework.
  • What can we do about this? Not much! It’s up to the student to develop their self discipline.
  • High School AP (Advanced Placement) programs are burning our students out before the get to us. Watch the film: RACE TO NOWHERE…  (Click on the picture below) Prepare to be disturbed.

Race to Nowhere Film

Homework Reading

  • Our students seem to want to do as little reading as possible.
  • David heavily integrates required (and graded) reading assignments into his courses.
  • Daniel will require his homework assignments to be hand written. This gets them off the computer and decreases their distraction level.

Isn’t this bizarre, that in this age of technology, we are finding ways for our students to not use it? – Dr. Daniel de Roulet

  • There is something, almost artistic when you are crafting the letters with your own hand vs. just typing them on the keyboard.
  • Make sure that you are giving the students feedback on their homework.
  • Impress on your students that they must buy the textbook – else, “You are dead-in-the-water before you begin.”
  • Daniel sees a lot of his students reading on their phones. This presents a variety of concerns about note-taking, comprehension, and distractions.

A lot of students who spend time on the their phones are complaining of loneliness.

How do we integrate homework into the day-to-day class meetings?

  • Require students to do the reading before the topic is discussed in class. Knowing that they will be involved in a discussion beforehand will prompt them to be prepared.
  • Accountability at the beginning of class is a good approach. (In the podcast version, listen to Daniel tell his story about “Standing Students!”


Homework is about fostering a continued learning experience outside of the class in their daily lives.

CARNEGIE RULE:  3 hours of work outside of class for every hour in class.


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SC 165 Teaching With Homework

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