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SC 166 Integrated Teaching With the Field Trip

Daniel shares how his sixth grade field trip influenced his life.

David’s research on the topic of our upcoming book, “What Professors Wish Parents Knew About College” reveled this quote:

One day she happened to sign up for a day trip from Scripps to Tijuana, Mexico, to help do some painting and other charitable work in an especially impoverished neighborhood. When she got there, she recalled, I held a baby who could barely breathe, and the mother didn’t have the money to take the baby to the doctor, and you could literally see the United States on the other side of the border. I was just blown away. The moment stayed with her, and during her sophomore year, she applied for a grant that would give her the funds necessary to live in Tijuana for the summer and work with indigent children there.
She got it.

Excerpt from: Bruni, Frank. “Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be.”

The field trip gives you an opportunity to make the message of the class very real.

Creating a college field trip that will maximize your students learning.

  • If there will be expenses involved, build those into the lab fee.
  • Find the best day in the semester for the field trip.
  • A field trip can create, for your students, significant learning experiences.
  • Utilize the resources, human and physical, available to you in your geographic area.

Daniel interviews David about his “Arts Day” – mega field trip experience.

  • Prepare your students for the field trip by educating them about the topic ahead of time.
  • Advertise the date of the field trip, well in advance.
  • Create a field trip that is highly educational and fun.
  • Think about logistical items:
    • Cost
    • Tickets
    • Transportation
    • Meals
    • Learning Goals and Materials.
  • Be prepared with a “PLAN B” for students who can’t make, or miss, the field trip.
  • Followup the field trip with an in-class assignment that maximized the experience.



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SC 166 Integrated Teaching With the Field Trip

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