Notes from the Student Caring Podcast for Professors

Teaching Students in the Arts

Helping our students who are in the arts.

  • A concern… Sometimes students in the arts are not as concerned about straight academic work.
  • They may not see how their other classes can help them in life.
  • Students in the arts sometimes have complicated schedules.
  • Students will have periods of time, usually just before a performance, when they are 100% not focused on your class.
  • We can help them by being predicable with our course schedules.
  • If our students can let us know when they are performing, it will give us an an insight as to what they are experiencing during a particular week.
  • Arts students have a great deal of stress about graduating.
  • Arts students have transferable skills:
    • They can speak in front of an audience without passing out!
    • They can collaborate.
    • They can meet deadlines.
    • They have people and communication skills.
  • We can help these students by showing them how the subject that we are teaching can help them in the arts.
  • Skills in the arts do not always lead to a career in the arts.


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SC 171 Teaching Students in the Arts

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