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Helping Student Athletes | Student Caring

Helping our students who are in sports.

  • This can be a sore topic for some professors. We are here to help.
  • Unrealistic expectations:
    • Sports, in high school, are extremely important to parents. Sports can help with college admissions and scholarships.
    • College is about much more than just sports.
  • From a professors perspective:
    • We want our students to do well in all areas.
    • We don’t want our sports students to focus 100% on their sport at the expense of their education.
    • Your education is going to help you succeed in life.
    • Your educational goals are the most important ones during the college years.
  • Sports Students Strengths
    • Sports students understand teamwork.
    • Sports students have self discipline.
    • Sports students understand personal health.
  • Sports Students Concerns
    • Sports students may need to miss many classes to participate in their sport.
    • Sports students can surround themselves with just fellow sports students.


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SC #172  Helping Student Athletes

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