Reading Your Students

You walk into your class on day one and…

David shares a summer class student caring moment.

Reading the class on the first day:

What do we see?

  • The group is usually mixed, some want to be there and some don’t.
  • The students who really don’t want to be there at all tend to stand out.


  • Understanding why they don’t want to be in your class can be a game changer.
  • They might not like the subject, the time of day, and you, yes you!

What we can do to help our students:

  • Try to interpersonally engage them.
  • The second class is a good time to take action on what we have discovered in the first class.
  • Good times to make that personal connection are before or after class and during a break.
  • On the first day, we can give our students an opportunity to write. This will give us valuable insights as to where they are in their life / educational journey.
  • Once a disconnected student has been identified we can let them know that we have office hours and we are available to them.
  • Planning our classes well and making them un predicable sometimes can help to keep them on their toes.
  • Look for a specific way that you can incorporate, into an early class, a topic that your disconnected student has an interest in.


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SC 175  Day One – Reading Your Students

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The Caring Professor

The Caring Professor