The Professor as Presenter – Attitude
This podcast was recorded on July 27, 2016.

Student Caring

– Topics discussed in the podcast –


  • What is our attitude?
  • What is our perceived attitude by our students?
  • Are we excited and ready to go?
  • Are we self–confident or self–doubting?

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SC 179 Attitude

If you are concerned about making tenure or getting hired as a full time professor, this book is for you.
The Caring Professor

The Caring Professor

Upcoming Topics in this Series:


  • Are we prepared?
  • Do we look prepared?
  • How is the pace of the class? Am I rushed? Do I finish 15 minutes early?
  • Are we interesting and engaging or do we sound like a textbook?
  • Are our topics appropriate for the form of an in class lecture?


  • How is our language, sound, tone, boredom factor.
  • How do we sound to our students?
  • Our students are experts at hearing people lecture.


  • What are we putting up onto the screen in the classroom?
  • Our students are used to having control of their screens – now we are in control of the content.
  • Our students consume more media in a week than we most likely did in 6 months at their age.


  • Learning management systems have become an important part of the learning experience.
  • These computer networks are expanding the space of the classroom.