The Professor as Presenter – Learning Management Systems

 Student Caring

Preparation is Key

  • David interviewed a number of professors at an online university and discovered that for each online class, the professors were paid for 300 hours to prepare their course.
  • Switching to a learning management system overnight is crazy!


  • Be attentive to your time in addition to your students time.
  • It is not wise for you to be online and available 24 /7.
  • Spend large amounts of time setting up your course online and making certain that it is working, 100% in all areas.
  • Don’t assume that your current students, in an online class, are the only students seeing the exam as it becomes easy for them to share.
  • Our students today are very comfortable using these learning management systems.
  • Use your management system as your personal assistant.
  • Discover how the software can enable you to teach in new and innovative ways to improve learning for your students.

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SC 183 Learning Management Systems

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The Caring Professor