SC 184 Welcoming New Colleagues

 Student Caring

We celebrate people when they are leaving,
but not necessarily when they are arriving.

We’re glad you’re here! Not, we’re glad you were here.

When you are new to a college…

  • Being a faculty member at a new place is stressful. In fact, the entire new semester is stressful.

How we can help our newest colleagues.

  • Introduce yourself to a new person and offer to help. “I can be a resource for you.”
  • Recall what it was like when you were new. What could have helped you?
  • Don’t give them extra things to do.
  • Discourage them from volunteering for extra work. We want a first year person to concentrate on teaching.
  • If they were the second choice for the job, don’t tell them!
  • Invite them to lunch!

Next week: Welcoming New Students

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Daniel & David


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SC 184 Welcoming New Colleagues

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