SC 185 Welcoming New Students


How we can welcome our newest college students…

  • We can identify who they are by asking for a show of hands or asking them to complete a survey.
  • Help your students understand what “college behavior” is and what you expect. This is not a continuation of high school.
  • Very early in the semester, our students will either sink or swim, now is the time to offer help.


  • At the beginning of your class, offer to help anyone who might need it.
  • As the semester progress, explain what normally happens during each week of the term.
  • The first semester can be a dangerous time for new students, we don’t wan’t it to be their last.
  • Explaining what academic probation really means can be a much needed wake up call.
  • Remind students when class starts. There are no bells, like they had in high school.
  • Remind your students about your office hours.
  • Take your lunch in a place where your students are eating too. Just being available in a casual place can create an opportunity for an important talk about the college experience.

Next week: Helping First Time College Students

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SC 185 Welcoming New Students

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