How to be an effective and more caring professor.


Focusing on the positive:

  • Multitasking comes upon us slowly as we take on additional responsibilities over time.
  • Often, we can’t do much about our current schedule, however, we can look ahead to a future academic year and make some changes.
  • During your holiday break:
    • Look at how your last semester went.
    • Think about how many plates you have in the air.
    • What plates give you enjoyment and which ones do not?
  • Choose not to make the negative aspects of your job – a focus.
  • Journaling can provide a place to reflect on your job and a place to process your feelings.

A Holiday Break Challenge:

  • Look over your daily school life calendar.
    • Mark in red those activities that you do not enjoy.
    • Mark in green those activities that you do enjoy.
    • Plot a strategy to turn more of your hours to green.

What do others observe that you do well and enjoy?

Try to remember, during this break, why you got into this career in the first place.


We’re basing our podcasts on an application of Dr. Dike Drummond’s book, Stop Physician Burnout: What to Do When Working Harder Isn’t Working. Dr. Drummond was a successful family physician, working his dream job in a dream location, when he realized he could not continue. His burnout was so severe that he walked away from the practice of medicine, and now dedicates his time to helping doctors avoid burnout and find meaning and satisfaction in their profession.

Unfortunately, most of the ideas and observations Dr. Drummond presents are also present in higher education. Our task will be to apply what fits to the educator’s world, and to offer some discipline-specific observations as well.

We welcome your comments, feedback and guest post submissions.

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SC 195 Burnout Solutions #3

The Caring Professor

The Caring Professor