Student Centered Decisions While Professoring
SC 197 Can’t Afford the Tuition


Daniel and David explore a challenging student situation and discuss options.

Your student comes to your office hours during finals week and informs you that their parents can’t afford the tuition and they have to go back home to a more affordable and less prestigious college. They want your advice.

You have someone in front of you who is very much in need of good advice.

Take time to actively listen to what your student has to say.

During difficulty meetings like this, recognize that what you say to your student may be forgotten. It is a good idea to take notes, then give them to your student – on paper.

Daniel:  Often times, I forget particular situations with my students in my classroom. It would server me well, as a prof. to remember that a number of my students are there because they or their family are making pretty significant sacrifices. As I walk into the classroom, I want to be able to give them good things. I want to be able to honor the sacrifice and commitment they are making by offering them the best that I can offer them.

David: This may be the last time I sit and visit with this student. I want to make sure that every single word I say and the advice I give is “good.” Last impressions last a very long time.

Advice for your student.
Encourage them to look deep with themselves and recall their hopes and dreams. Explain that this change in their academic career should not dissuade them. There are many educational institutions that help them to realize their goals.

After giving them the good financial advice, say something truthful and encouraging to that student about their potential. You may offer to write them a letter of recommendation that is affirming.

Share with your student a story of a previous student, or yourself, who was in a similar situation and it turned out well.


What would you do?


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SC 197 Can’t Afford the Tuition

The Caring Professor

The Caring Professor