Negotiating With Our Students | The Student Caring Project

Four strategies to help with this topic

In this podcast we discuss strategies to manage the issue of grade negotiations. (By the way, this is a preview from our upcoming book.)

“Boundaries help us to allow students to take the primary responsibility for the success of their college lives.”


Four strategies to help with this topic.

  1. An executive summary of the syllabus explains the rules of engagement.
  2. Keeping grades up to date removes opportunities for negotiation.
  3. Written reflections on grades create a paper trail.
  4. Pre-Final examination grade projections and rules limit the scope of negotiations.

Sound Bites:

  • How many other professors have has this student had this conversation with?
  • We come from a culture of negotiation.
  • My parents negotiate, isn’t that the way it is done?
  • I can not imagine having that conversation with a professor.
  • How can professors minimize this type of situation at the end of a term?
  • Engaging in negotiation, obviously sends the wrong message to students.
Why Your Opinion Matters:

Our upcoming book:The Caring Professor: A Guide to Effective, Rewarding, and Rigorous Teaching, was written with feedback from many educators and students, which was our plan all along. We began by outlining our thoughts on a series of topics, then we recorded them to share with the world. From the feedback we received, we were informed about the needs of the student caring community. We need your feedback so we may continue to fulfill our mission statement and help students, the world over.

Thank you!

Daniel & David