In this podcast we offer 22 tips to help high school students prepare for high school.

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How College is different from High School

  1. You will be the youngest and not the oldest.
  2. You may have older students in your classes who are returning to college.
  3. Your fellow students will come from a much larger geographic area.
  4. Nothing happens automatically.
  5. You must initiate.
  6. You won’t hear bells at the conclusion of each class.
  7. You must manage your own time.
  8. It will appear that you have more free time.
  9. You may be living in a dorm instead of at home.
  10. Your college may be in a location new to you.
  11. Different climate.
  12. Different food.
  13. Different Air!
  14. Lunch will have more options, alcohol may be served, and coffee will become an important part of your life.
  15. The class sizes may be larger – much larger.
  16. Bells will not ring at the end of each class period.
  17. You wont’ say the pledge of allegiance.
  18. There will no “announcements” over a PA system.
  19. The teacher will likely be a professor, teachers assistant or graduate student.
  20. It is assumed that you will be responsible for your own grades and deadlines.
  21. The professors will not check with each other to compare notes on how you are doing.
  22. Academic requirements will be new and at a higher level.
Why Your Opinion Matters:

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