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Daniel and David interview Adjunct Professor, Jason Witt.

Sound Bites from the Podcast:

I typically teach at three colleges a semester.

Each semester my load is usually about seven classes. I teach every single day and teach two night classes per week. I am in my 14th year of teaching this schedule.

Q: In a typical semester how many essays do you grade?
A: 1,000.

We have to grade whenever we have a scrap of time.

  • We are grading during office hours.
  • We are grading in between classes.
  • When we come home from work, we are grading.
  • On the weekends, you are grading, pretty much the entire weekend.

For the next four months, this is your life.

The rewards are that you are going to have 6 or 12 weeks and summers off.

What helps you to do your job?

  • You have to be an extremely good organizer. (I color code everything.)
  • You are going to have to prepare early for the week.
  • Organization is a big, big, thing.
  • Focus. I am one of those people who can put myself in ‘grading mode’ for hours.
  • I can sit on the couch, for hours and hours and just grade.

For me, I grade papers on hard copy instead of digitally. I am carrying these papers around with me wherever I go.

We have to take on more classes to make ends meet.

The best way for a student to communicate with me is in person. I am perfectly willing to meet with them, out on a bench or wherever.

Q: What are you like at the end of the semester?

A: After I have finished grading all of those papers, I sit and watch T.V. for one week because I don’t want my brain to do any work. Here’s the thing, after two or three weeks, I am ready to get back into the classroom.

There’s something about this job… We all know it’s certainly not the money.
Could things be better? Yes.

This is a challenging job, but there are ways of making it work.

There are changes that definitely need to be made.

  • There needs to be more money.
  • There needs to be more full time jobs.

I have to teach so much so I can make a living. It is a challenge.

Daniel:  One of the things we wanted to do is attach a voice to the adjunct professor. Thank you Jason.


We recorded this podcast on October 11, 2013

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The Life of an Adjunct Professor  |  Student Caring

“I teach 7 classes at 3 colleges and grade 1,000 essays a  semester.

I have been doing this for the past 14 years.”

Prof. Jason Witt