Daniel and David interview Adjunct Professor, Dr. Melissa Knoll.

Melissa | Student Caring Sound Bites from the Podcast:

The workload is huge!

I have a colleague who teaches 6 classes in one day.

I wasn’t quite prepared for the commute time, it can be grueling.

Q: What are the biggest challenges being an adjunct professor?

A: Not having an office. It would give me a sense of respectability and place.

I feel like a second class citizen.

I meet with students by a planter or a coffee cart area.

It can be challenging to keep up with current pedagogy.

I try to keep my quality of life pretty good.

If I have grading time, that’s what I do.

I spend an hour and a half grading every day – and that’s with only 75 students.

Am I going to prioritize my pedagogy or my time as a researcher? As an adjunct, you have to choose.

I get to watch one episode of T.V. and day.

Q:  What tips do you have for people working at multiple campuses?

A:  You have to figure out how to be organized.

  • I have a box in the car for each campus.
  • Color coded folders are really useful.
  • Sticking to a plan.

Being really regular in terms of grading has been a savior for me.

I remember I graded 2 sets of papers in one night and then taught a 9:45 am class and I thought, no one should live this way.

I always know what I am doing in each class at the beginning of each semester.

The night before I always get the reading done again.

We are seeing that being predictable is important helps to minimize student stress.

In the classroom, they always know what’s going to happen.

I am actually caring about how they are doing.

You feel like something that is used and thrown away at the end of the semester. Or paid to go away.

I feel very strongly that I was born to teach.

The most happy comfortable place for me is in front of a classroom.

If I don’t get a full time job, I will consider looking into other professions.

I feel like I am one of the best!

Every year that I don’t pick up a full time job, it’s lost income.

I love being a teacher.

I want a full time job.

I want an institution to commit to me and I want to commit myself.

In one place where I teach, I am not even given a library card.

We recorded this podcast on October 11, 2013

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