In this episode, Daniel and David discuss 10 Student Tips for New (Mid) Year from Dr. Stephanie Sarkis of Psychology Today. Dr. Sarkis is the author of Making the Grade with A.D.D. and A.D.D. and Your Money. Link

HAPPY MID YEAR EVERYONE!  (We academics think of this as mid year, the new year begins in the fall on the first day of instruction.)


1 – 10 of 50 Tips for College Students

Photo credit: Pizza Hall

Photo credit: Pizza Hall

  1. The Freshman Fifteen does exist. So does the Freshman Twenty. Watch how many starches and processed foods you are eating.home and let your family and friends know.
  2. Pizza – the ubiquitous college snack. (Please see #1 above.)
  3. If it’s either take out a loan or quit school, take out a loan.
  4. If you can live harmoniously with someone in a 20×20 ft. space, you can do anything.
  5. Flip-flops: Wear them in the dorm shower. Always.
  6. Always attend the *real* class, and use the Internet one for review.
  7. If you are not a morning person, don’t schedule classes for 7am. You will not go.
  8. Get involved on campus. All work and no *productive* socializing is boring.
  9. Too much socializing = bad grades. Everything in moderation.
  10. If you are feeling overwhelmed, are having problems sleeping, or have gone through a breakup, visit your college’s counseling center. If you are feeling suicidal at any point, call your college’s crisis center number or call 911 immediately.

 We wish for all of you the happiest 2014!!!


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