In this episode, Daniel and David discuss 10 Student Tips as we begin 2014 Dr. Stephanie Sarkis of Psychology Today. Dr. Sarkis is the author of Making the Grade with A.D.D. and A.D.D. and Your Money. Link


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11) There are a lot of free activities on campus. Take advantage of them.

12) Many colleges have free tutoring centers on campus. Take advantage of them.

13) Sit near the front of class.

14) Attend the whole class. Even if you feel like you will just die if you sit there any longer. Even if you feel your brain start to ooze out the side of your ear. Because we (professors) sometimes give really important info at the end of class.

15) Recopy your notes after class. Or if you’ve typed them (which is recommended), do a quick read-through after class.

16) Remember that although you are 18, your college may have the right to contact your parents if you are caught drinking underage. [This is no longer true in all states.]

17) Don’t do anything stupid (illegal). It will go down on your permanent record. Seriously. At every college you apply to after this one.

18) Register for classes as early as possible. Early bird catches the worm and all that.

19) See how your first semester goes before you consider getting a job. See how heavy your course load is first.

20) Find a bank that also has branches in your hometown. Get your account connected to your parents’ account so they can transfer money to you.

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