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So we may all gain a better understanding of the professor / student relationship, we are exploring some situations, When College Students Say… We Think…

We encourage our teaching colleagues to maybe re-think how you are hearing these questions and to rethink how you might respond to your student.

STUDENT:  Why did I get this grade when my friend get this grade?

What we think…

  • Of course, a comparison is being made by the student.
  • The student is taking on the role of the professor at that moment.
  • Negotiation of a grade is a whole other thing.
  • We have to draw the (grading) line somewhere.
  • Our students are not our customers, they are our students.
  • The student does not respect the professors opinion.
  • A grade is really a short-form recommendation.
  • We are here to honor and support good work, but we are not here to give everyone a good grade.
  • Grading is hard work, we want all of our students to get a good grade.

To our students: It is your job to figure out what we believe is excellent, then it is your job to exceed that. Exceed our expectations, every time. If you continue to do that, you will achieve repeated success. We are training you to be self evaluators as well.

Bad grades are indicators of the students possible next career direction.

The student may be thinking:

  • I am paying your salary.
  • I want that grade, so how can you help me get it?

STUDENT:  Professor, is it okay if I miss class?

What we think…Student Caring

  • That is asking for permission to be excused from a requirement on the syllabus. No, it is not okay.
  • You really don’t value what is going on in class.
  • Often students don’t know how many classes they have already missed.
  • We worry about this happening more when it is at the beginning of a term.

The student may be thinking:

  • There is this really cool thing that I want to do instead of attend your class.
  • I am asking for a pardon to relieve my guilt.


STUDENT:  Can you tell me what is going to be on the test?

What we think…

  • No, I already have! I’ve laid it out in the syllabus.
  • My tests are about what can you do with that core knowledge.
  • If I told you what was on the test it would defeat the purpose of seeing how well you think.


STUDENT:  I need to leave class early tonight, is that okay?

What we think…

  • I don’t want to know the reason, you are an adult.
  • You will be absent and these are the items concerning the class that you need to take care of.
  • I want to encourage them to do well even though they have to miss part of class.
  • It is still an abcence.

Sometimes, there comes a point in the semester when there is nothing the student can do to earn a good grade.


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We recommend an excellent book on this topic by our friend, Ellen Bremen M.A.: Say This NOT That, to Your Professor.

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