In this episode, Daniel and David discuss some (surprising) examples of lying and cheating in higher education. 

A.K.A.: How to Orchestrate Future Regret.

From the Podcast:

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  • Unfortunately this topic has been on our minds more and more lately.
  • Our previous research on this topic may be found here: How To Cheat in College and What to do About It.
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  • Search the Internet for “writing service” (insert the name of the paper you are assigned to write.)
  • Now, there are folks out there who will write the paper for you on the spot  – just give them your credit card information.
  • We use Turn It In Dot Com  to prevent this problem, but it is getting more difficult.
  • Who is doing the work to pass the class? That is the question.
  • Who is involved in this?

Report: Parents, students cheat to attend Atlanta school
ATLANTA — The city’s public school system, already reeling from a far-reaching teacher cheating scandal that is still unfolding, was rocked again Wednesday by new cheating allegations — this time against parents who allegedly falsified documents so their children could attend one of the city’s football powerhouses and play on the team.


  • Who is doing the work to pass the class? That is the question.
  • Who is involved in this?
  • Parents are actually paying for a professional student to take all of the classes for their son or daughter.
  • How often do we actually check a student’s I.D?
  • Parents, you are leaving a money trail when you hire someone to BE your child. This will come back to bite you.
  • Parent: Because I love you, I will help you out. A.K.A.: Cheat the system. You are setting up your child for failure and regret.
  • The results of this behaviour are people who are not trained, it’s craziness.
  • Employers have a right to know if you did the work to earn a degree or not.




Source: Inside Higher Education Article

Seriously?  ⁉️  We take your online college classes for you and get you an “A”

In other words: Click here to cheat and lie.

Paying for an A
September 21, 2012
By Alexandra Tilsley
The growth of the online education market appears to have spun off another, more surreptitious market – one that goes beyond the paper-writing services long available to less than honest students – and online educators are taking note.
A handful of websites have sprung up recently offering to take a student’s entire online class for them, handling assignments, quizzes, and tests, for a fee.

  • How do we really tell who is on the other side of the computer screen?
  • Now, is the time for educators to put into place practices and procedures to prevent this from occurring.
  • What we have in the United States is a lack of people educated and able to fill the available jobs.
  • The students that we see in classes today who are working hard and struggling are the ones who will succeed in the long run.
  • What cheaters are doing is “paying now” and “paying later.”




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