In this episode, Daniel and David read and discuss two paragraphs from The Courage to Teach, byParker J. Palmer

The Courage to Teach, by Parker J. Palmer

Teaching from Within

Introduction, Page 1

We Teach Who We Are


Reading by Prof. David Pecoraro

I am a teacher at heart, and there are moments in the classroom when I can hardly hold the joy. When my students and I discover uncharted territory to explore, when the pathway out of a thicket opens up before us, when our experience is illumined by the lightning-life of the mind–then teaching is the finest work I know.



  • Daniel: One of the things that keeps us going are these moments. I will confess, I think I am the one in the room having the moments sometimes.
  • Students know when we are engaged, excited, enthused, and when we are not.

Introduction, Page 1

Reading by Dr. Daniel de Roulet

But at other moments, the classroom is so lifeless or painful or confused–and I am so powerless to do anything about it–that my claim to be a teacher seems a transparent sham. Then the enemy is everywhere: in those students from some alien planet, in that subject I thought I knew, and in the personal pathology that keeps me earning my living this way. What a fool I was to imagine that I had mastered this occult art–harder to divine than tea leaves and impossible for mortals to do even passably well!



  • This is what we call in our hallway, the normal rhythms of teaching.
  • You know, I really should have gone into architecture, WHAT WAS I THINKING⁉️
  • I will never teach this class again!
  • The reason that we have these incredible highs and low’s in our response to our teaching is that we care about what we are doing.
  • Teachers who are in front of a classroom and who are tuned in to their audience, whether the students are enthused or are ready to bolt out of the room are the ones who care about the connection there.

The Courage to Teach
Exploring The Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life
Parker J. Palmer
ISBN 0-7879-1058-9
Available via this link on Amazon

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