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SC 77 #2 College to Career – Your Internship

A significant learning experience.

The job market has changed in the U.S. We hear from our graduates, who are very qualified, how difficult it is to find a job.

 TIPS to Help You with Your Internship.


1. Search for an internship that will challenge you.

  • Ideally, the internship will exceed something that is available at your college.
  • Remember, you will likely only do one internship in a lifetime. 
  • If you look at the internship and think, “That is beyond what I am able to do.” Take it!


2. Carefully research the internship to discover if it is professional and legitimate.

  • You’ll want to be aware of places that may abuse or use you just as free labor.
  • An internship should be an introduction to you for the field that you are interested in.
  • Organizations who do internships well, will have on their website, a section of information for you.
  • If you have doubts about the internship, ask your professor or career guidance office for their opinion.


3. Know what you’ll be doing as an intern. You don’t want to be surprised in a negative way.

  • Up front, discover if this is a paid internship or not?
  • Ask what you will be doing day-to-day.
  • Ask: “What will be your expectations of me?” 
  • NB:  Ask for the contact information of previous interns. They will tell you what it was like.


4. Don’t reject an internship if you will be doing menial work beneath your worth.

  • David has a former student who was providing the water bottles for the comedy writers of the Jay Leno show. He received a priceless education on his internship.
  • Another student who was highly educated, top of his class with a B.A. and an M.F.A. degree took an internship as a driver. He was driving top entertainment industry executives from the Los Angeles International Airport to the ABC / Disney Studios. Today, he is an executive producer there.
  • The moral of the story here is “It’s not necessarily the work but, LOCATION – LOCATION – LOCATION.”


5. Make the most of your internship.

  • Exceed the expectations of the folks you are working for. Do that every day. 
  • Think of this as as an extended interview.
  • Do all that you can for the organization.
  • Meet as many people that you can! Coffee breaks, lunches, etc… Capture their contact information. 


6. If you discover during your internship that you do not want to do this for a living, that is a valuable discovery.

  • If you don’t like it, don’t do it for the rest of your life. It is not worth the golden handshake (money that you get used to and can’t live without.)


7. Check with your college to discover if you can receive course credit for the internship.

  • Many colleges offer this.


Check out this article from the Huffington Post:
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Community Comments

Luke Ricker

This is a good list. I would also add that students shouldn’t limit themselves to “posted” internships. In other words, don’t be afraid to approach a company you are interested in and present your idea for an internship. Even if they reject the idea, you will gain valuable experience in human interaction and the job search process.