We are pleased to present this series of 6 blog posts and podcasts to help college graduates make the transition from college to career.


Number 5: Your Job Search

Help people and they will help you.

 tips to help you with your job search:


1. Help people and they will help you. 

  • Go out of your way to help others to find work.
  • Join together with other people and create a team to find work.
  • You are better as a group.
  • You are not alone!

2. Consider paying the extra money for the Premium LinkedIn service.

  • A student of ours did this and immediately got 3 interviews, one of them turning into a great job. 

3. Get to know leaders in the field of work that you are interested in.

  • The leaders are the ones in the hiring position.

4. Search the Internet for job openings, DAILY. 

  • Everybody else is doing this, you need to also.
  • Jobs are continuously posted.
  • Have a routine that you do every day.

5. Register with online job banks. 

  • Locate job banks in your are of interest.
  • Discover the keywords that employers will be searching and include them in your online resume.

6. Join organization applicable to your search area.

  • These organizations will often have job banks associated with them.

7. Commit to never quit. 

  • Don’t underestimate the amount of time and effort and work you must invest to obtain work.
  • It’s a tough job market.
  • Consider looking for work that is not specifically what you have your hopes set on. At least for awhile.
  • As soon as you expand your geographic area of search more possibilities will be open to you.


Check back in two weeks for our next Blogpost / Podcast: The Interview – Your Preparation is the key.

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