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The Interview.

Your preparation is the key.

Students: Tips for Your Interview
 tips to help you with your interview:


1. Research the organization thoroughly. What are their values? What makes them tick?

  • Know some specific information about the company. 
  • You want to “DEMONSTRATE DESIRE” in the organization and the job.


2. Invest in 3 professional wardrobe looks which will align with the organization that you are applying to.

  • Research what their professional attire policies are via the Internet or in person. 
  • Wardrobe look #1 is for the interview, #2 is for the second interview, and #3 for the first day on the job.


3. Personal grooming of your hair, teeth, and nails are essential.

  • Do not wear perfume or cologne at all.
  • If you are a smoker, your interviewer will know this the moment you walk into the room, not good.
  • This is your FIRST IMPRESSION and it is important. Think of it as your FIRST DATE look for someone you are really interested in.
  • It is important that your eyes are visible, they are a window into who you are and your personality.
  • Your teeth need to be clean and flossed.
  • TIP:  While waiting to go into the interview, place a piece of hard candy or breath mint in your mouth, when you are called in, crunch it up.
  • You would be surprised what people look at during an interview. They may look at your hands. Are you fidgeting? Are your nails clean?


4. Shaking their hand.

  • Shake your interviewers hand firmly and only long enough so that know what the color of their eyes are.


5. Answer questions succinctly and briefly.

  • Your answers should be about two minutes or less.
  • Research the job advertisement carefully so you can anticipate what questions you may be asked.
  • If you don’t know an answer, admit to it. Always be 100% honest.


6. If you do not understand a question, ask them to clarify it for you.

  • Sometimes, the questions may not be clear or the best.


7. Always prepare questions that you can ask the interviewer. 

  • Prepare these questions with care so you do not present yourself in a negative way.
  • Be open and honest about your salary needs.


BONUS TIP: Always send (via snail mail) a professionally written thank you note.


We wish you all the best with your job searches and hope that you land a job that you are happy with.

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