In this episode David and Daniel discuss effective methods of teaching with stories.

Learning about Camels and Shakespeare.

 Stories in the classroom.

  • There are many great advantages to telling stories in the classroom.
  • Stories with a purpose can bring your topic or lesson to life.
  • Stories are a great way of bringing your students back to the topic.
  • Your stories had better be good and “on topic.”


We cannot due this topic justice by communicating the stories to you in the form of a blog post.

Therefore, grab your favorite beverage, a snack and sit back to listen to the two stories in the podcast.

  • First up to the microphone is David who takes you into the world of Christmas, stage management, and camels. (This is a true story.)
  • Next, Daniel will give you insights into Shakespeare that will definitely cause you to think about what you know about this playwright.

Do you have a good story that you would like to share?  Email us (below)!

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Story Time from
 David & Daniel


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