In this episode we discuss why we do this and what we have planned for the future.

What you can expect from us in the future.

  • Our future podcasts will focus on helpful information for professors.
  • We are working on an educational video series for parents of college students.
  • We are writing a book for parents.
  • During the past three years we have been researching a product to help students with “Student Success.”


Here’s a list of our upcoming podcasts for professors:

SC 84 #1. Teaching Students in Trouble
Helping students during difficult times.

SC 85 #2. Teaching Students who are on Fire to Learn
Guiding our students academic passions.

SC 86 #3. Teaching First-Time College Students
Helping our newest students.

SC 87 #4. Teaching Students who are Succeeding for the First Time
Feeding the seeds of early success.

SC 88 #5. Teaching Students who are Discovering Their Vocational Path
Pointing the way to life after college.

SC 89 #6. Teaching Students who are Under the Radar
Teaching to everyone in your care.

SC 90 #7. Teaching Students Interested in Your Major
Welcoming students to your field.


SC 91 #1. Course Evals: The Big Picture
You, your students, your dean, and the public.

SC 92 #2. Course Evals: Reactions & Emotions
How we react and feel to what our students say.

SC 93 #3. Course Evals: Focus #1: What do you do well?
Acknowledging our strengths as Professors.

SC 94 #4. Course Evals: Focus #2: What are your trends?
Learning from an analysis over time.

SC 95 #5. Course Evals: Course Organization
Are we organized and is it apparent?

SC 96 #6. Course Evals: Communication
How well are we understood?

SC 97 #7. Course Evals: Faculty-Student Interaction
How do our students perceive us?

SC 98 #8. Course Evals: Grading
How is our grading perceived?

SC 99 #9. Course Evals: Learning
Do our students believe they are learning?

SC 100#10. Course Evals: Student Engagement
Are our students engaging?


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 Why we do what we do

We need your feedback so we may continue to fulfill our mission statement and help students, the world over.

Thank you!

Daniel & David


SC 83 Our Passion for Student Caring