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This is #2 in our series on teaching. We continue with a look at students who are on fire to learn.

Guiding our students academic passions.

  • College Student:  “Teach it all to me – TODAY!” How do we direct that in the classroom?
  • The challenge for professors is to teach all of the students in front of you. Those who are on fire to learn as well as those who have little interest. A.K.A. Professor: “Why are you taking this class?”  College Student: “I have to, it’s a requirement.”
  • College is a half marathon, not a sprint.
  • You can recognize these students and focus their energies on an individual basis to challenge them.
  • Our role as a mentor can begin to take shape with enthusiastic students.
  • We want to recognize their gifts and encourage them.


Social pressures for the student who is on fire to learn.

  • Sometimes these students can get on the nerves of other students. Uh oh – they’ll break the curve!
  • These students may be unintentionally disruptive by dominating the classroom. Professors need to control the classroom discussion and encourage the entire group to participate. Other students will happily sit there and zone-out while one or two others dominate the class.
  • College Student: “Hey, what about me? I’m here to learn too!”
  • College Student: “Our relationships with our peers are extremely important to us.”
  • These situations are good because they help to prepare them for workplace social dynamics.

Teaching Students who are on Fire to Learn

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SC 85  #2. Teaching Students who are on Fire to Learn