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This is #4 in our series on teaching: Feeding the seeds of early success.


Daniel: How are your other classes going? Student: Oh I’m happy enough with it, I’m getting C’s.  WHAT!?

A lot of our students are coming into college with a lot of negative educational experiences.

How do we help those students for whom the light has gone on for the first time?

  • When you are grading something that is exceptional, it is an opportunity to let them know and provide encouragement.
  • Acknowledge student success!
  • With student feedback we can, while acknowledging the deficiencies, point out what is exceptional.

How do we help students to take care of the deficient issues and apply their new found sense of success more broadly to their college education?

  • We professors can direct our students to on campus services that can help them like tutoring, office hours, and labs.

Encouraging excellence.

  • Encourage students to find their self confident mode.
  • Give the student who is succeeding for the first time a leadership role.
  • Tell your student that if they ever need a letter of recommendation, you would write them a great one.
  • “Wow, I got a 98% on that test – the double latte must have kicked in!” – NOT!
  • Be vulnerable to show students that you struggled too.


Teaching Students who are Succeeding for the First Time


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SC 87  #4. Teaching Students who are Succeeding for the First Time