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This is #5 in our series on teaching: Students who are Discovering Their Vocational Path

Pointing the way to life after college.


How can I as a professor who has spent most of my life in college help students to prepare for life after college?

  • STUDENT: What gives you the right to talk about this, don’t you just teach?
  • Not always apparent to a student is how the subject you are teaching is applicable to many careers.
  • The general public is not aware because when the meet a student they ask: “What are you majoring in?” Instantly there is a judgement! How are you going to turn anthropology into money?
  • PROFESSOR TO STUDENT: “You are learning to learn and that can be applied to anything.”

College does three things.

  1. A good liberal arts education teaches you how to learn and how to apply thinking anywhere.
  2. A major does not necessarily equal career. You want your students to think not only about a ‘major’ but about what skills they have.
  3. College should help students into a vocation.

Higher education is a way of opening up career options, not shutting them down.

College to career – making the big decision about what to pursue.

  • Making a commitment to a career direction that is different from your parents wishes can be very difficult. We can help our students with sage advice to manage this important topic.
  • The process of advising your student to create their resume´ is a valuable tool for helping to confirm or reject a career direction.
  • A  resume´makes a career choice very real.
  • PARENT: I want you to be a _____. What if the student has no interest in that?
  • Daniel: I ask my students to define “success.” The answers provide insights into what they believe will make them happy.
  • Our observations about what our students do best is the food that they need.
  • What do we professors observe our students natural gifts? Tell them.
  • Encourage your students to keep a vocational journal.

 We can help our students learn how to speak to their parents about their careers.

We hope this helps!

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SC 88  #5. Teaching Students who are Discovering Their Vocational Path