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This is #6 in our series on teaching: Students who are Under the Radar

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How do we identify students who are not engaged in class?

  • Are students sitting close to the door? This can be symbolic of their desire to escape.
  • When a class of 38 has a discussion time and only 12 students are talking.
  • When you suspect that they are mentally removed.

How do we engage students who would rather not participate?

  • Look for an opportunity to involve the students based on your knowledge about them.
  • Use a “Warm Call.” This is when you say, “Judy, I would like your opinion about this in a few minutes.” A “Hot Call” is when the Professor would say, with no prior warning, “Judy, what is your opinion on this?”
  • Place the students in groups and be intentional about who will be the leader of the group. In this setting the student who is not comfortable to speak alone to the entire class has an opportunity to speak in a small group.
  • Moving students to different seats can cause them to interact more. This can help them to engage more in the class.
  • Maintain eye contact with all of your students. If they can’t see you eyes it is easier to disconnect.
  • Seek out and connect with the student who is not looking at you. “Hey! How are you doing back there!”

Why is this so important?
Because this is at the heart of student success. Students who are under the radar are often the ones who are not succeeding.

We want to get students out from under the radar so they can be full participants in class.

What else can we do?

  • Once a student has either spoken out on their own or been encouraged to speak out by you, refer to that students comment in a future class. They will brighten right up and feel good about themselves.
  • Ask your students: “In what ways would you feel comfortable participating in this class?” IMAGINE THAT! – ASK THE STUDENTS. You will get some interesting comments, all of them are insightful for you to understand them better.

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Students Who Are Under The Radar 

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SC 89  #6. Teaching Students who are Under the Radar