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This is #9 in our series on teaching: Course Evaluations

SC 99  #9. Course Evals: Learning

Do our students believe they are learning?

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Our personal reactions to the topic of learning and course evaluations:

  • This topic should be the center of course evaluations.
  • We need to find better ways to find out if our courses are being effective.

Course Evaluation Learning Questions

My learning increased in this course?

  • Students who are taking the course because it is a requirement may not care if they are learning.
  • A student may be annoyed that had to take your course.
  • Students may discover that they definitely do not want to explore the course topic any further.

I made progress toward achieving the course objectives?

  • Do the students know what the course objectives are?
  • Our syllabus is the place to outline our course objectives.
  • Remind the students as the semester progresses about the course objectives.

My interest in the subject area has increased?

  • This is why we professors are in the room!
  • An increased interest in your course is not going to happen all the time.
  • WOW! – This course has been a great learning experience for me!
  • If the professor is excited about what’s going on, the students usually are as well.

This course helped me to think independently about the subject matter?

  • Student: “We are just expected to spit back the information.”
  • When you encourage your students to think independently, you are saying: “You are an adult.”
  • Professor: “Let’s see you take this materiel and turn it into something meaningful.”
  • Students are not just a member of the class, but are individuals.
  • It is important for us to encourage independent thinkers instead of correct them.

The course actively involved me in what I was learning?

  • Anyone out there ever teach a 7:30 am course? Everyone will have to make an extra effort.
  • We need to make sure that our students are not just in “passive learning–mode.”
  • Involve your students in the learning.
  • Make an extra effort to involve students who are sitting in the back of the room.
  • We want to capture their attention and engage their brains. That’s up to us.
  • Discover ways to capture your students attention.
  • You can assign students to create the questions for a particular upcoming class session.
  • You can ask students to write exam questions.

We hope this has been helpful for you think about learning and your course evaluations.

We welcome your feedback so we may continue to honor our mission statement and help students, the world over.

Thank you!

Daniel & David

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 Student Caring - Learning

SC 99  #9. Course Evals: Learning



In this series we are to talking about what is usually not discussed publicly, our course evaluations.

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