Notes from Podcast #138

Stress Management Help for Professors

Student Caring Moment

David tells a story about a student who had particulary difficult and stressful learning experience.

Our opinions:

  • People may look at a student during a time when they are struggling and think, “This student is never going to make it.”
  • We, as professors, in the interest of keeping a project moving forward, may make the wrong decision about a student.
  • Our students tend to never forget defining moments during their college years with us.
  • Stress can occur when we have to make a difficult decision about the education of one of our students. During defining moments, we must seek to encourage rather than discourage a student.
  • When do our students deal with stress?  ALL THE TIME!

Stress Management Help for Professors

How we control stress or how we allow it control us is the key to surviving in higher education.

What can we do relieve our stress?

  • Professor stress relief: Daniel –  “Find your own private place on campus to escape to. Stressful situations always demand that thing be fixed now, but we know they can’t be.”
  • Professor stress relief: It is important to be able to recognize when you are under extreme stress.
  • Professor stress relief: David – “Find somebody to help.” This positive action can offset the negative emotions that are causing you stress.” Plan “B” – Take a walk.


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Stress Management Help for Professors