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Rebuilding the Bridge: Responding to Changes in the Higher Education Landscape
Dr. Daniel de Roulet, PhD.
This article was published in January of 2012 at the Hawaii International Conference on Higher Education.

Abstract: One metaphor that aptly describes higher education is a bridge: higher education serves as an important social landmark which students employ to cross from adolescence to adulthood, from the world of school to the professions and graduate work, and more frequently from a prior career to a new vocational venture. A host of demographic, economic, preparatory, and goal changes are currently reshaping the needs of college and university undergraduates. Higher education must adjust to these realities while continuing to emphasize academic rigor and personal transformation in the student experience. Colleges and universities must, in effect, rebuild the bridge of higher education. This paper first delineates the changes to the higher educational landscape through a summary of studies and statistical analyses. It then advocates for an intentional, strategic response: rethinking the college classroom as a place not only of academic rigor, but of student connection and care. Specific strategies are outlined to address: student persistence; mentoring; academic rigor; helping students discover their natural talents; and connecting students’ college experiences to their post-college goals.
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Student Caring on the Big Screen
Prof. David C. Pecoraro, MFA
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Pecoraro analyzes the role of the motion picture industry in portraying student caring. He focus on the Denzel Washington Film, The Great Debate for an in-depth analysis.
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