The academic world is extremely heterogeneous. The university classrooms are filled with the most varied types of people. Each one with its own personality and with its way of learning.

Being a Student Worker

Can you Fit this Job into Your Life?

Some are easier to learn, while others have to push a little harder to fix the content. But what makes someone a good college student? Much more than a good academic performance and intelligence, what characterizes a good student is the attitudes he takes in order to promote a better use of what is taught in class. These attitudes are very personal and vary immensely.

In this way, standardizations or models to be followed when it is desired to be a good student usually do not work. Each person knows better than anyone how their own learning process works, does not it? And when is the case that there is a good student and he decides to be a student worker?

Being a Student Worker

It is a fact that the university student at some point in his life will want to look for an extra source of income. Getting a job while part of your day is already reserved for studies can be a difficult task, and managing to manage both activities requires a lot of thought in choosing the job.

Even if your primary job is to help your bank account, that does not mean that you should apply for any and all vacancies that appear. When you are looking for a job as a student, remember that your job does not need to be boring and underpaid. Carefully read the job descriptions and ask yourself if the position seems rewarding. Is there room for learning and challenge, or will you end up feeling unmotivated?

Can you Fit this Job into Your Life?

As a student, flexibility is essential so that work does not hinder your studies. Your position should be able to accommodate the days when you will need to work less to finish a job or study for an exam. If your goal in getting an extra income is to help with college expenses, it’s no use accepting a job you know at the outset that will hurt your grades.

The location of your job is a factor that can make a job unfeasible. If you are applying for a job, consider how much time you can lose on travel or playing games and what means you will have at your disposal. To combine a life of work and study it is vital that your time is well spent, and that the money you earn is not used at all to work (and especially not to get to work).

Carefully review job descriptions, some of which may offer company transportation or cover your travel expenses.



  • Greater Sense of Responsibility;
  • Greater Time Management of your Life,
  • To have some financial allocation at the end of the month;
  • They are likely to be satisfied with the work they do.



  • Existence of other
  • Lack of experience and maturity
  • Your calendar changes from semester to semester

It may be difficult, but that does not mean that you cannot reconcile studies and work. If you already know what training you want to bet on, now you only need to find out about the protection mechanisms. After all, that’s what the worker-student status is for.

Student Worker: is Worth It?