Separate yourself from your peers by focusing on long-term goals, like your career path, rather than focusing on the easiest or latest classes available. With the job market in its current state (with no immediate respite in sight), and ever-mounting personal debt of people across the U.S., starting strong into your career of choice is more important than ever. Not sure what you want to do when you grow up? Do your research, like a good student, about the actualities of each and every job that strikes your fancy. While income is a prominent component of job satisfaction, it is far from being the only factor that you should consider.

Lucky for you, someoneís already done a bit of the legwork. This infographic by Cedar Education Lending points out which fields have the highest levels of unemployment, and which majors lead to the most stable and financial secure careers, giving a general sense of ROI on that student loan you took out to pay for your education. It also gives a quick overview of some of the top-ranking (and bottom of the barrel) jobs for insight into the reality of some jobs. For example, based on this breakdown, youíll be better off being an assistant to a famous actor rather than pursing acting itself!














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