The Dilemma of a Fresh Graduate Job or No Job

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It is quite obvious for a college graduate to feel stuck and feel confused over the future course of action to be taken, once he steps out of the university gates. Thinking about a zillion options and fields one can step into, there will always be a modicum of doubt left regarding the ‘right option’ to pick. Think about it this way, you get counseled by all seniors and those who hold experience, go for the avenue of their choice but end up cribbing over the choice you made. It’s way better to keep thinking and stay on the search mode, rather than taking a decision in haste and letting yourself down during the first few steps itself.

It stands imperative for you to get going right now and start planning all that you can achieve during the years to come. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you stay planned once you move out of the university and face the dilemma with the right answer. Drop sufficient glances and absorb all that you can.


Don’t Get Affected by the World Entirely

While these are the days you start building your network and start discussing regarding your career progression ahead, but all that you listen to isn’t gold. There will surely be a number of alumni, your seniors, professors and fellow interns who will talk about all the options you can avail and the most lucrative ones even. Definitely, you should take ideas and gain knowledge about all alternatives around, but it is your decision at the end of the day.

All you need is to take a deep breath and imagine the ideal situation you want to see yourself in. Analyze all options and keep yourself in control. Think about the kind of work you enjoy doing and see yourself growing with. That’s the pick you need to make!


Assess your Skills

All other things left aside, there surely are skills that you have grown during the college years. Well, these are qualities that will help you move ahead in whatsoever field you choose, in spite of any experience or network constraint you face. But before you proceed, it would be advisable to get a fair idea about all the skills you hold strong and the ones that need honing. Take some time to understand how these can be implemented in various industries and the skills that will play common everywhere (soft skills for instance). This way you keep a track of your own a candidacy and have a fair idea about the scope your career holds during the initial years.


Research on the Industries your Degree Relates to

It often happens that you are thinking about switching over to some other field, yet haven’t gained an insight about the prospects your present field holds. Surely, college experience gives you ample space and time to come in cognizance with some professional exposure around you, but that doesn’t tell you everything about the corporate arena.

What you require is to research about all the industries and gain the working knowledge regarding the way operations happen in different companies. Getting an internship might be a solution here.


Choose the Right Mentor

While your network is always there to save yourself from any pitfall post college, choosing the right mentor is an important job as well. There is no alternative for experience and a senior professional from the field of your choice would always make the right fit. It’s not only about being prepared for what’s out there in the professional world, but keeping yourself strong to face challenges as well.


Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedInTwitter and Google+.


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The Dilemma of a Fresh Graduate: Job or No Job?