This Project is for students, professors, parents, and all of higher education. Our mission is to champion “Student Caring” as a way of addressing the challenges in higher education today.

Listen to Podcast Episode No. 3  

In podcast episode No. 3, the co-hosts, Dr. Daniel de Roulet and Prof. David C. Pecoraro, discuss a story from a listener and their first days of instruction.

The Podcast Outline:
• Welcome to the world of “Fast Pace!”

• Student caring typically needs to be “spliced in” to daily life.
• Meetings, meetings, and more meetings.
• David invites the audience to listen to two stories by Robin Homalok.
• Robin’s story about the professor and those who take care of you.
• Robin’s second story, “The Professor and the Slide Rule.”
• Reaction to the stories.
• How to counteract the possibility of an initial negative reaction to the course and professor.
• Creating a “Welcoming” first day of instruction.
• Highlights from Dr. James K.A. Smith of Calvin College

• Caring in chaos during the first week of instruction.
• Student Caring is about action!
• Student Caring is often about encouraging students to enter adulthood. This can involve “tough encounters. Daniel tells a story about a student from his past, who wanted to negotiate her grade.
• Additional highlights from Dr. James K.A. Smith. Look at your alumni to assess how well they have been taught. Professors are not merely “Heads on a Stick,” they are also, “Hearts on a Stick.”
• A student’s perspective of the professor during class and the results of their “in-class time” afterward when they turn in excellent work.
• Students are also, heads and hearts!
• Summary of the podcast topics.In our next episode we’ll talk about, “Knowing Who Today’s Students Are,” and continue to take us with you as we explore student caring.

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