A Series for those preparing to teach in Higher Ed for the first time.


We did not receive much good advice about how to prepare to teach when we began our careers. In this podcast series we offer advice for our future colleagues who are about to begin their teaching careers in Higher Ed.


Course Design

Course Design / Notes from Podcast #125

When you design your courses, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you want your students to learn?
  • How am I going to communicate this to my students?
  • What assessment mechanisms will I employ?
  • How will I keep myself sane! (Beyond really–good coffee)

Best practices: (A.K.A. – things we have learned the hard way)

  • Request the syllabus and course materials from when the class was taught before.
  • Take the time to set up an organizational system for all your courses and your academic life.
  • Divide your course design into segments.
  • Help your students to know how they are doing in your class before the course drop date.
  • Stagger, across all of your course when you will have papers due and when you be in “Grading Mode.” (This is keep yourself sane tip!)
  • Be aware of college–wide calendar issues. Do you really want to plan a big test for the day after everyone returns from spring break?
  • Create a detailed class schedule for each class so your students will be able to prepare and plan ahead.
  • Request a copy of the course evaluations that your students will be filling out. Put this above your computer screen and keep it in the forefront of your mind as you design your courses.
  • Familiarize yourself – NO – learn the learning management system and know what your college requires.


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