A Series for those preparing to teach in Higher Ed for the first time.

Who Will You Be Teaching?

We did not receive much good advice about how to prepare to teach when we began our careers. In this podcast series we offer advice for our future colleagues who are about to begin their teaching careers in Higher Ed.

Learning About Who You Will be Teaching / Notes from Podcast #124

Learning About Who Your Students Are

  • Request an academic report from your admissions or I.T. department.
  • Ask your students to write a “Who we are” paper.
  • During the first days of instruction conduct informal “Getting to know each other” conversations with your new students.


  • Perform an Internet search of what has occurred in the lifetime of your students. Making a reference to something that occurred 25 years ago may not be relatable for them.

Perspective & Tone

  • Most of your students are just three months out of high school.
  • Set the tone in the first few days of classes. Let your student know what your expectations are for them. This will put them at ease by eliminating some of their unknowns and fears.
  • Remember that YOU only have one chance to make a first impression on your students, this is important.

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