A Series for those preparing to teach in Higher Ed for the first time.

This Noble Profession

We did not receive much good advice about how to prepare to teach when we began our careers. In this podcast series we offer advice for our future colleagues who are about to begin their teaching careers in Higher Ed.

Your New Environment / Notes from Podcast #123

Living Considerations

  • Where you live in relationship to where you work is important.
  • Commuting two to four hours a day can take a lot out of you.
  • Consider the negative aspects of being too close to campus. The lack of physical distance can lead to a “fishbowl” experience.
  • As a new prof. you need to be physically on campus and visible as much as possible.

The College Environment

  • Working on a campus is really nice!
  • Most folks who go to work every day do not experience they joy of working in a place of learning.
  • Don’t become a cubicle worker. Get out and interact with others around campus.
  • We encourage you introduce yourself to people in other departments.
  • Go to sporting and arts events. Universities have a great deal to offer.

Setting Up Your Office

  • “A place for everything and everything in its place.”
  • Create a welcoming and interesting place for your students when they come to visit.
  • Organizing your office will reduce your stress level.

Next in this series:  Podcast #124. Learning about who you will be teaching.


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This Noble Profession / Your New Environment