In this introductory podcast, we are pleased to announce our summer, 2015 podcast series…

This Noble Profession

Information for those preparing to teach in Higher Ed for the first time.

We did not receive much good advice about how to prepare to teach when we began our careers. In this podcast series we offer advice for our future colleagues who are about to begin their teaching careers in Higher Ed.


Podcast #123   |   Your new environment

Podcast #124   |   Learning about who you will be teaching

Podcast #125   |   Course design

Podcast #126   |   Your new colleagues

Podcast #127   |   Your new boss

Podcast #128   |   Life outside of work

Podcast #129   |   Time Management – The Big Picture

Podcast #130   |   New faculty orientation

Podcast #131    |   Before you walk into the classroom for the first time


Welcome to Higher Ed Teaching!

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This Noble Profession