Student life is said to be the most important phase for an individual, not only because you learn some important lessons of life but also because you have the opportunity to lay a solid foundation for your career. There are campus placements and industry visits along with seminars and guest lectures by veterans. Students get ample chances to boost their employability and secure their future. Students who are fast approaching graduation and still have not got placed, or are looking for even better job prospects can benefit from the following tips to land a job.

Get Started

Do not waste your time in anticipation of the right moment to begin thinking about the future. College is the best platform to start your career with a high-paying job. However, in today’s rough economy you will require more than just a qualification to get hired. Let us take a look at some useful ways which can increase your probabilities of getting employed right after graduation.

Plan Your Career

Start planning for the future to set some concrete goals. Analyze your strengths, values, interests and personality to get on with the decision-making process while thinking of which career to pursue after college. A SWOT analysis will prove useful in understanding yourself better. You may also meet up with a career counselor or academic advisor to keep track of your career goals. This will bring you take an interest and convert it into profession. Ideally, you should aim for a job that is closer to your area of specialization.

Attain Experience

Your degree is inarguably vital for landing a better job, but you also need to hold valuable work experience that can be shown on your CV to draw potential employers. Take up an internship or a part-time job in the same industry that you wish to work for in order to gain an edge over the other students. Companies always prefer someone with more experience, rather than someone with a better grade. So try to gain as much experience as possible while you’re still studying.


Create a Resume

Firstly, create a resume if you don’t have one. For those of you who do, you must update it on a regular basis. A running CV throughout your time in university will help you improve your marketability. Use it as a promotional tool and regularly modify it to add new experiences and skills. When the time comes, employers will be sifting through bundles of resumes each day to look for something appropriate, so make sure your CV is strong not only in terms of the content but also its presentation. Based on the effectiveness of your CV and cover letter, you will be invited for the next round of personal interview.

Start Socializing 

Your teachers and classmates can introduce you to some interesting work opportunities that you may be unaware of. Seek advantage of social events where you can network with employers from your field. These occasions may include conferences, career fairs and professional associations. Also, if you have interned with a particular employer try to stay in touch with the employees, especially the HR. you association may lead you on to get an entry-level job with the company. Even if that doesn’t happen, they can at least act as professional references during your recruitment with another organization.

Clean Up Your Social Profiles

Having presence on the social networking websites is extremely crucial to expedite the process of job search. Companies tend to evaluate your personality by going through social media profiles. So even if you are young and reckless, make sure your Facebook profile or LinkedIn account doesn’t give away much about your personal live. Try to enable the privacy settings or take down the wild pictures, if any. Hiring managers will pre-screen the profile so if it must stay visible, at least make it look more professional and relevant.


Author bio: A writer by profession, Devika Arora is currently writing on the extensive realm of careers and recruitment. She has written several articles and posts on job search and career building exercises. The above article discusses about steps to increase your chance of getting a job right after college.


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