If you are looking for an extra means of making money online, surveys are a quick and easy option, there is little you need to get started and you can pick and choose when you complete them, so you can fit them around your studying.

However results from one survey site to the next can vary significantly. Some survey panels pay out much more in much larger frequency than others.

Some pay in shopping vouchers, others in cold-hard cash, straight to your Paypal account.  It can seem a bit hit and miss sometimes, with very little science to it.

You may have tried surveys before, perhaps it wasn’t what you were expecting, perhaps you didn’t make as much as you had hoped.

With a few handy tips you could be soaring above the rest and making a significant extra income from one of the easiest money makers online.


Here are some of the top tips to making more with paid surveys:

Register to multiple survey panels – This is one of the most important steps you can take to earn more from paid surveys.   Based on the survey panel you could get a few surveys a month, perhaps 3-4.  By registering to multiple survey sites you start to build a much steadier stream of surveys in your email-inbox, try starting off with 3-5 different sites. Here is a great strategy to increase your earnings with paid surveys.

Based on how much time you are willing to commit you could easily register to 10 or more top-paying survey panels.  Some good panels to start with are: Toluna, Harris Poll and Inbox dollars.


Join student specific panels Among the hundreds of survey sites on the web there are many ‘niche survey’ sites for specific groups of people: Students, Teenagers and so on..

The opinion panel for example pays £10 just for signing up, £30 for focus-groups and £1-£2 for each survey you complete.

Many general survey sites like Ipsos, MySurvey and Toluna also look for student respondents to complete their surveys.


Don’t waste time with low paying surveys There are literally hundreds of sites claiming to pay for your opinions, so it’s easy to see why you could end up missing out on higher paid opportunities. 

With that said there are still plenty of trusted, high paying survey sites that you can register to.  Examples include: Pinecone Research which is one of the most popular and highest paying survey sites. Another great site to start with is this one.

The only problem is that they don’t accept open registration, instead occasionally send invite links to select blog and website owners to share with their members.


Don’t miss out on surveys! One of the reasons that many people don’t earn as much as they could with surveys is because they miss out on them for one reason or another.

This could be because you didn’t see it in your email-inbox, or it could be because you haven’t completed your profile enough for the panel to send you relevant surveys.

Try to dedicate time each week to complete new surveys, if you are planning on using multiple sites you will want to make sure that you are able to complete the new surveys each week.

Make sure you update your profile every 6 months or so, when anything such as getting a new job, going on holiday, or phone contract happens. This helps to increase your chance of receiving surveys in the first place.

Take advantage of product testing & focus groups Many survey sites offer additional means of earning through product testing and focus groups, although these are not quite as regular as their surveys they are certainly worth keeping an eye out.    Saving you a bit of money on shampoo, toothpaste and other household items! 

Focus groups can be a fun and often much higher paying than surveys, often earning as much as $30-$50 each time.

It is often a mystery as to when you will be invited to test products from a survey panel, however the best advice is the more you complete, the more likelihood you have of receiving an invite.

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