Going to college is a huge accomplishment. You should be proud of how far you’ve come and grateful for the opportunity to continue to learn and grow. Even though you’re excited, it’s also normal to be a bit nervous.

Be prepared to experience all of the ups and downs that come with achieving a higher education. Take the time to research advice like the tips in this article and know what to expect by talking to others who’ve been through it. Give yourself a break and understand that learning from your mistakes will make you a stronger person. See tips for navigating your first year of college.

Build a Solid Schedule

Focus on building the most ideal schedule for your skillset. Be open to trying new types of curriculums and coursework that challenge you. This is your opportunity to explore and attend classes you normally wouldn’t give a second thought to in high school. If you create a schedule you feel is inappropriate for you, be proactive and meet with an advisor who can help you shift your classes around so you’re more comfortable.

Consider Various Degrees

Start thinking about what you might enjoy studying as well as the jobs you might be interested in well before you begin college. Do this by reading about degree courses on the Internet at https://www.oak.edu/academics/school-business/business-administration-human-resource-management and getting a good idea of what the requirements are. Click through and read about the array of academic programs the schools you’re considering offer. This is the perfect time to do your homework and change your mind if you want. Look at the coursework subjects, hours and next steps after you have the basics taken care of.

Get Involved

Avoid sitting in your dorm room worrying about whether you passed your last test. Instead, get out in your college community and meet other people. Join clubs, groups and organizations that interest you and keep you busy. Consider playing in sports leagues or being in the band. You’ll be bored and lonely if you sit around waiting for opportunities to come to you. College is your chance to step out of your comfort zone and engage in new experiences with others who you don’t know that well. Remember that those in their first year are in the same boat as you and are just as apprehensive to put themselves out there.

Stay Patient & Positive

There are days you’re going to want to skip class or give up. Remember that doing so won’t solve your immediate problems. Work through your struggles or obstacles and stay positive that you’ll find solutions to get you through the tough times. Remain patient that you’ll find your way, even if it takes you a few years. Always keep the big picture in mind and believe in yourself when it feels like no one else does.


College is a time to celebrate and also a time to work hard. Get through the initial hump and the rest will fall into place. These are tips for navigating your first year of college.

Published:  October 30, 2017