Hundreds of high school students are getting close to deciding the college they want to attend. Making the right choice can prove to be quite difficult, unless you have a clear choice in mind. So to make it easier for you, mentioned below are top websites to prepare you for college without wasting much time. 

  1. My College Calendar
    My College Calendar

A comprehensive website designed to help students organize and maintain their college applications. The students are required to select the names of colleges they wish to apply to, for which the website generates a calendar. All important dates and due dates of the respective college are clearly mentioned on the calendar to update students with application procedure for individual colleges.

  1. College Confidential
    College Confidential

The website provides a wealth of information and tools to the students to select a suitable college, apply for it and paying for the fee. After making the college payments, students can get back on the website to know more about what they should expect in the first year of college.

  1. Unigo

The website features reviews and video content by students, thereby providing first-hand accounts of the mistakes made and lessons learned during the first year of college. In short, Unigo is a social networking platform connecting current students with future students.

  1. College Crunch

College Crunch

The developers of the website claim College Crunch to be the best online college resource ever. The website features reviews of different colleges along with their profiles and also essential tips for navigating logistics of college financing and professional advice for better career planning.


  1. Educaedu


The website functions as a search engine for major degree programs. The students are required to select a geographical area where they would like to study and then select the type of educational program they wish to pursue. Educaedu generates a list of colleges offering the selected course at your preferred location.






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