Science is a miraculous subject that opens new avenues and helps explore those aspects of daily living that no one ever knew existed. Science does create new things and possibilities but it is also to known to help make visible those aspects that were previously ignored and this is where scientists step into the picture. They are the sole people who are responsible for introducing us to these myriad aspects that make the world a beautiful place. There was a plethora of inventions and discoveries that were made by these phenomenal scientists, however, they were not quite lucky enough to have witnessed it booming and sprawling into the popular world. All they ever did was introduce it to the global population but before it could become the norm, they bid adieu to the world. If only they had a will in place, things could have been slightly different with at least someone trying to take their legacy forward. You can read about the legalities involved in making wills at blog. Given below is a comprehensive list of some impressive scientists who were well ahead of their time and introduced us to those aspects of life that make it luxurious and worth living today.

1.)  Albert Einstein:

He is one the scientist who needs absolutely no introduction and can easily be considered as one of the greatest scientists the world has ever created and seen. He may have not been a star in the physics department but his contribution to the world of science stays untouched. He was the first scientists to claim that time and space are twisted in a way that they form part of the continuum. It is a known fact that the E= mc2 is a formula that was derived by this genius. He is also known to find additional information and conduct an immense amount of research on the quantum theory. Besides, it was Einstein who confirmed the fact that molecules do exist after all.

2.)  Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann:

He can easily be considered as one of the greatest mathematicians the world has ever witnessed. His discoveries were jaw dropping and the immense amount of discoveries that he made in the field still has a massive impact on the people living in today’s world. His work mainly involved studying more about the 3D environment. Essentially, he was firm about his findings and stated that 3D is not the end of the world and there is certainly more. This was based on studying the n-ply dimension, which revealed to him that it is simply a person’s mental limitations that stop them from expanding and going beyond the 3D space.

3.)  Nikola Tesla:

The alternating current that is widely used in today’s world is something that was initially introduced by the genius engineering findings of Nikola Tesla. The three phase alternating current AC power is very important in the existence of electricity today and the structure as also its generation was looked after by Tesla. Of course, there were others who worked on this area as well but his work is said to have been more pioneering. While these activities help discover a new aspect, you must not forget the fact that on your passing, you take it away with you. Instead, you could write up a will and hand over the research work to a trusted source so that further work can be carried out on the same. You can find more information on wills on blog where you can read and understand their importance and take action.

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