Understanding Our Students – Tasha

In this blogpost / podcast we interview our special guest, Ms. Tasha Levin who shares her thoughts about her experiences while in college and responds to our questions.




Here are some highlights from the podcast.

STUDENT CARING:  “What has college been like for you?”

Ms. Tasha Levin:

“I felt really lost in a large university.”

“I did not know where to go.”

“My biggest challenge in California is getting into classes.”

“I was number 32 on the petition list!”

STUDENT CARING: “We often now have waiting lists that are larger than the classes.”
Ms. Tasha Levin:

“Half these kids are going to flake out in two week anyways, LET ME IN!”

STUDENT CARING: “What are the difficulties that students face in College today?
Ms. Tasha Levin:

“There is no guarantee at the end that you will get a job, it is very disheartening.”

“Students don’t take their education seriously.”

“It took me a little while to stand up to my parents.”

STUDENT CARING: “How do you balance being a student full time and working full time?”
Ms. Tasha Levin:

“I learned to prioritize my education as number one.”

“My employer allows my education to be my number one priority.

STUDENT CARING: “Can you identify what makes a class great?”
Ms. Tasha Levin:

“I enjoy the classes the most when a teacher incorporates us into the discussion.”

“I appreciate a break during a lecture.”

“It gets our brains moving when we break into groups.”

“When the teacher learns everybody’s names you feel like a person.”

STUDENT CARING: “When do things not go so well in a class?”
Ms. Tasha Levin:

“It is exactly like the teacher on ‘Wonder Years’, boring, the teacher answers all the questions.”

STUDENT CARING: “How do you decide which class / professor to take?”
Ms. Tasha Levin:

“RATE MY PROFESSOR DOT COM. Almost every person uses this. It is a tool that has never failed me.”

“Many times, a student just wants an easy class, they just want to get the grade.”

STUDENT CARING: “Does RATE MY PROFESSOR DOT COM influence your course evaluations ?”
Ms. Tasha Levin:

“I give my heartfelt evaluation at the end, how else are they going to know?”

STUDENT CARING: “What’s your opinion of your fellow students?”
Ms. Tasha Levin:

“In Boston, everybody was paying tens of thousands for each class, everybody was very serious.”

“Here, (in California) students are more open, it is very diverse.”

STUDENT CARING: “How do you think students feel about general education classes?”
Ms. Tasha Levin:

“I think a lot of students feel resentful. You know your not going to use it for the rest of your life.”

STUDENT CARING: “What advice do you have for administrators and professors?”
Ms. Tasha Levin:

“You don’t know what is in a students mind until you ask them. People who are older are so far separated, they are not equipped to make those decisions at all.

STUDENT CARING: “Since you will be a teacher one day, what do you think will be most important for you to bring into the classroom as a teacher?”
Ms. Tasha Levin:

“I say, it is the atmosphere that you create as a teacher. The class feeds upon that. When they are excited about what they are teaching the students follow through.”

“When a professor is really boring, I can’t take it.”

“A professor can change a class from day to night.  Come in with a smile!”

STUDENT CARING: “Thank you Tasha!”

This episode was recorded in Southern California on Tuesday, February 26, 2013.


Students, Professors, Parents, and all of higher education, we invite your feedback on these important questions and on the answers given by Ms. Tasah Levin. Thank you.

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