Understanding Our Students – Micah

In this blogpost / podcast we interview our special guest, Mr. Micha Stratton who shares his thoughts about his experiences while in college and responds to our questions.

Here are some highlights from the podcast.

STUDENT CARING:  What is a successful classroom experience?

Mr. Micah Stratton:
“We want to get something out of a class.”

“Don’t read the syllabus to us.”

“I want my class time to count.”

“We don’t want to be bored.”

“When there is no diversity – we check out – we want to contribute.”

“We love professors who are relaxed, a familiar face.”

“A good professor makes us give back to them.”

“Be real, take time to digress, we need that mental break.”


Mr. Micah Stratton:
“Busy work in the classroom.”

“I love being intellectually stimulated.”

“You have to make us think for ourselves.”

“We need help to learn what we should learn.”

“We are only taking the general eds. because we have to.”

“I feel like I am wasting my time, my time is precious.”

STUDENT CARING:  What do you observe other students struggling with the most?

Mr. Micah Stratton:
“Time management is something that a lot of people don’t figure out.”

“I see other students staying up till 3 am because they didn’t get all their assignment done.”

“We are not thinking in long term chunks, we’re just trying to get through the moment.”

“Time management is a tough thing for us.”

“Do you really want to do that or watch Iron Man?”

STUDENT CARING:  Do you see things that students struggle with in their personal lives?

Mr. Micah Stratton:
“Social life takes up a lot of time.”

“People struggle to find something to do with the time that they have.”

“Quality relationships and friendships take time, I really struggle with friends, having time for them.”

“I choose health and I choose sleep. I am sacrificing.”

Mr. Micah Stratton – On procrastination…

“I can find out that morning that I have a test and I usually don’t get anything less than an A-.

“Planning ahead for me is just not something that I make time for because I don’t have to.

“Half the time students realize they have homework when other students bring it up randomly.

“Procrastination is just something you have time for. Planning ahead is something you don’t.

“There’s people who procrastinate and it works, and then there’s the kind of people who are just lazy and their grade reflects that, and then there’s just the person who does the assignment, they don’t procrastinate.”

Mr. Micah Stratton – On my test taking system…

“I spend 15 seconds – max on a test question.”

“CABDD – I memorize that, then fill in the Scantron.”

“If you don’t know the answer, just move on.”

“You need to learn how to take tests well.”

STUDENT CARING:  How well do you think your College experiences have prepared you for life after college?

Mr. Micah Stratton: “As an actor there are a lot of things that  are different.

“Do I need a college degree get work? No. But, I do need the classes.

“I watch seniors graduate and they don’t do anything, I see the looks on their faces when they realize they have no idea what they are doing after they graduate.”

“It’s scary. I’m nervous right now. I don’t know what I am going to do.”

“It’s hard to not feel that I am wasting my time.”

“I think that, as a student, we need to be groomed for the future.”

“We need our professors and teachers to look outside the box for us.”

“College is our time to grow, that is when we are supposed to grow. We get coddled, we get babied.”

“I don’t know if I’m going to be successful after I graduate, am I wasting my time here?  I’m only 20 once, I’m only in college, once.”

STUDENT CARING:  What are your opinions about higher education in general and other opinions that you could honestly share about college.

Mr. Micah Stratton:
“What’s the point of math to a theatre major?”

“Why am I required to take the same class that I took in High School?”

“I feel that we need to find things that help us.”

“We need our careers to be molded.”

“Professors can put their hand into your life.”

“Is it worth all of the time and the money I am spending?”

“Higher Education is important, but it needs to have a point. We want our time be used correctly.”

STUDENT CARING:  Has anyone of your prof.s in a general ed class said – “This is how this class will help you?”

Mr. Micah Stratton:
I can’t remember a time.”

“The good things are what keeps me in higher education.”


Students, Professors, Parents, and all of higher education, we invite your feedback on these important questions and on the answers given by Mr. Micah Stratton. Thank you.

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