This Project is for students, professors, parents, and all of higher education. Our mission is to champion “Student Caring” as a way of addressing the challenges in higher education today.

Listen to Podcast Episode No. 1  

In podcast episode No. 1, the co-hosts, Dr. Daniel de Roulet and Prof. David C. Pecoraro, introduce you to who they are and the STUDENT CARING PROJECT.
The Podcast Outline:
•  Why is the Student Caring Project such a big deal?
•  This podcast series will take the listeners with us through the upcoming academic year.
•  Initially, we’ll be covering these topics:
– How to create a welcoming environment for meeting with your students.
– Ways in which you can “know your students” before you meet them in the
– Setting the tone on the first day of instruction.
– Your perspective vs. your students’ perspectives on academic priorities for the year.
– How to be available for your students.
– Making discoveries about your students’ strengths and career directions.
– Working with students to design a five-year plan for transitioning out of college.
•  The origins of the Student Caring Project, Daniel’s story about a student.
•  Career Directions and Your Daily Bread.
•  David’s graduate school story.
•  Daniel’s background.
•  David’s background.We welcome your feedback to this podcast and our work:
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